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Quality & certifications

Certified in many national and international regulations

GRUPO PACADAR is well aware that quality, environmental management and respect for employee's health and safety are strategy factors that make the best argument to compete in the most demanding domestic and international markets.

GRUPO PACACAR started its activity in 1944 and, over time and by means of an orderly growth, it has diversified its activity until becoming what it is today: an international company devoted to the development of different activities in the precast concrete sector, with a special mention for: design, manufacture, transport and assembly of precast concrete elements.

Within the international expansion that PACADAR is developing, quality assurance is a key element in our policy, both for competing in international markets by being able to supply the world's largest building companies, and for ensuring the efficiency of our production processes and the final brand image of PACADAR.

Quality is an unavoidable commitment for PACADAR, so our precast concrete factories are able to attain the official quality assurance certificates in the shortest timeframe, which means a guarantee of competitiveness in international markets and a total commitment with our customers, who come to us for their most representative and demanding international projects.


Today, thanks to the high professionalism of our staff and the technology implemented, GRUPO PACADAR guarantees a high quality level in its products and services in accordance with:

  • The International Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements".
  • The Spanish Royal Decree 1247/2008, approving the structural concrete regulations (EHE-08).
  • The European Construction Product Regulation 305/2011.
  • Harmonized European product standards (precast concrete):
    • EN 1168: Precast concrete products - Hollow core Slabs.
    • EN 14992: Precast concrete products - Wall Elements.
    • EN 15050: Precast concrete products - Bridge elements.
    • EN 13225: Precast concrete products - Linear structural elements.
    • EN 13747: Precast concrete products - Floor plates for floor systems, or EN 15258 Precast concrete products - Retaining wall elements.
    • EN 14843: Precast concrete products - Stairs. o EN 13224: Precast concrete products - Ribbed floor elements.
    • EN 13693: Precast concrete products - Special roof elements.

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Policy On Quality, Environment And Health & Safety At Work

GRUPO PACADAR considers the following as fundamental aims of its Policy on Quality, Environment and Health & Safety:

  • Quality Management of its products and services as synonymous with efficiency and effectiveness, always aimed toward an enhancement in the quality of both products and customer service.
  • Working towards an efficient balance between its business activity and sustainability, the latter being understood as economic growth respecting and improving the environmental and social conditions.
  • The improvement in employees’ working-life conditions, as regards identified hazards and a Health & Safety programme that allows a comprehensive development.

All the activities developed by GRUPO PACADAR must be designed and implemented in such a way that they are conducive to meeting the priority objectives. All this means that quality, respect for the environment, as well as health & safety at work, are the responsibility and duty of all the members in the organization.

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