Ethics behaviour is key in our service

PACADAR’s Code of Conduct is the best asset towards an excellence in service and product, as we consider it as a means, rather than an end. Our staff's ethical conduct is our company's best selling point. Thus, while process industrialization is among our commercial tools and objectives, PACADAR’s corporate policy also involves applying our commitments, made and set therein, wherever we go.

Our commitment with human rights, law, integrity, equality, confidentiality, transparency and quality extends to each and every department and also, therefore, to our employees. Our ethical values are our company's backbone and the basis for our corporate philosophy.

Among our target markets there are several emerging countries, where PACADAR neatly follows its Code of Corporate Conduct. An example: PACADAR’s manufacturing plant in Puebla, Mexico, which employs more than two hundred local workers and has obtained in record time the ISO 14001 standard to comply with the environmental standards of the group.

Given our international outreach, respect for and knowledge of the diverse cultures are key points in the organization at all levels. Those workers relocated to PACADAR’s facilities in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Mexico or Panama, are previously trained on the customs and cultures of these countries in order to minimize culture shock.

As a result of our international expansion, the workforce in our factories is multi-ethnic and multicultural, but our code of conduct, professional ethics and equal treatment have achieved a full integration, team spirit and alignment with the common goals of the company, which are shared by all employees, in a spirit of joining forces and contributing to professional collective success.

Finally, PACADAR continuously collaborates with the foundations JUAN XXIII and PRODIS, both devoted to assistance for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

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