Bus/Hov Lane For Toll Highway C-58 (Spain)

Bus/Hov Lane For Toll Highway C-58 (Spain)

Unique project for the installation of a Bus/HOV lane in the busiest highway in Catalonia (Spain): the toll highway C-58, section of Ripollet-Avenida Meridiana junction (Barcelona). PACADAR took part in the manufacture of the elevated structures for junctions and pergolas.

The most remarkable structure was the Trident pergola that was built using beams, prestressed box girder 380,110 and side cantilevered or supported ribs, thus making the junction for the Bus/HOV lane entry and exit points.

Precast piers are the safest option when working at central reserve.

Project Data

  • Client: UTE Carril Bus Vao (OHL-COPCISA)
  • Owner: GISA
  • Year of completion: 2011
  • Contract value: €3,700,000
  • Products provided: Box girders and pergola ribs.
  • Precast volume: 4,700 m3
  • Deck: 8,500 m2

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