La Zenia Leisure Centre, Alicante (Spain)

La Zenia Leisure Centre, Alicante (Spain)

This project consists of several buildings housing a shopping and leisure centre, which are distributed by a ground floor and roof, having some of them attics for administration purposes.

The structures are executed on-site with metal and/or wooden roofs.

The exterior enclosure of the whole project is made with 20 cm thick lightweight concrete panels with two types of finish: one with "Macael" white pebbledash and another with smooth grey concrete.

Most of the panels are supported by the foundation, except those for those openings where panels are fixed by means of metal corbels anchored to columns.

Project Data

  • Client: C.C. Zenia S.L
  • Owner: Immochan –CC Orihuela Costa
  • Year of completion: 2012
  • Contract value: €1,046,589.00
  • Products provided: 20 cm lightweight panels
  • Precast volume: 3,333 m³

Solutions applied

  • Español (ES)
  • English (UK)