Sports Centre In Benimaclet, Valencia (Spain)

Sports Centre In Benimaclet, Valencia (Spain)

This project has three building: sports hall building, fencing building and triangular building. All of them make up a single unit, but with independent structures separated by expansion joints between each other.

The triangular building for administrative purposes and halls consists of ground floor, first level and roof.

The sports hall building consists of an attic, first floor and roof; while the fencing building consists of a ground floor and roof.

The structural concept is the same for the three buildings, that is, a grid of beams, columns and hollow-core slabs for structural floor. Most of the beams used have a span of 6 m, although in level 1 they also reach up to 22 m span, with a depth of 170 cm, and 30 m “Delta" A-shaped beams are used for the sports halls. The total height of the project is 17.53 m.

The exterior enclosure has been made with 20 cm thick, solid concrete panels, finished in smooth grey, and which were all attached and supported by the foundations.

Project Data

  • Client: Clásica Urbana
  • Owner: Ayuntamiento de Valencia
  • Year of completion: 2012
  • Contract value: €568,794.00€
  • Products provided: Columns, slabs, beams, panels
  • Precast volume: 1,873 m³

Solutions applied

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  • English (UK)