Underground Car Park For Torre Espacio, Madrid (Spain)

Underground Car Park For Torre Espacio, Madrid (Spain)

The Torre Espacio is Madrid's flagship office building. With 57 floors, it has a total rentable surface area of 60,143 m2 and 1,173 parking spaces. The car park was made entirely from precast materials, including its structure, ramps and walls. It has 5 levels with a superload of 450 Kg/m2 and the roof level has a superload of 2,500 Kg/ m2.

The project is based on a grid pattern of 12.0 x 8.0 m (12.0 m beams and 8.0 m prestressed hollow-core slabs), with a single 21.0 m stretch of columns.

Despite being a huge project, thanks to industrialized construction process, the car park was finished in 6 months.

Project Data

  • Client: O.H.L
  • Owner: Torre Espacio Castellana S.L
  • Year of completion: 2005
  • Contract value: €3,457,000
  • Products provided: Columns, hollow-core slab, Pi slab, structural floor beams.
  • Precast volume: 6,800 m³

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