Over the last decades, TBM tunnel construction method has evolved as the main tunnel construction technique, due to increasingly cost-saving capacity and safety improvements over other tunnelling construction methods. The use of TBMs is extended worldwide, and this method is used in the most important tunnelling projects all around the world.

The use of precast lining elements in TBM tunnel construction has been established as the standard in the vast majority of tunnel projects involving TBM use. Managing the manufacture and supply of precast rings has become a key factor of success in every TBM tunnel project. Factors such as the enormous quantities of precast elements to be managed, the precise quality and accurate tolerances required, and the unavoidable need to guarantee a tight delivering schedule, have shifted manufacturing and supply of precast rings in a highly specialized work, a work which is guaranteed only by a specialized precast company.

PACADAR has a huge experience in the manufacture of tunnel segments by means of carrousel systems. Nowadays is the only company working in the Middle East with this kind of facilities. A carrousel system enables to reach high production performances by repeating the same operation under a fully control process. PACADAR has developed a full quality control management process for the manufacture of the segments and a thorough maintenance routine to assure the continuous operation under safe and accurate conditions which guarantee the quality and production rates.

PACADAR also deals with tunnel lining for cut-and-cover system, manufacturing the bottom slabs, side wall panels and top beams for roofing.

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